Try it Self-Served

I’ve been to a few weddings with decent food…I have. The filet at the Ritz, San Francisco was done perfectly for example. But unfortunately, most of the wedding food I’ve had has been underwhelming. Usually the beef is overcooked, the vegetables soggy and everything is drowning in sauce. It’s gotta be tough for any kitchen to try and serve 200 plates at the same time and have them all be of the same quality. A good option that doesn’t get enough recognition is the wedding buffet. There are several advantages to having buffet service instead table service. Not only are you guaranteed hot food, you can pick up only what you want to eat, so you’re less likely to waste food. Plus, the buffet gives guests a chance to leave their tables and mingle with other guests. Buffet service is also typically less expensive. Sure it’s more casual, but with all of the advantages I think it’s worth exploring.