Taking a real stand

Talk about true dedication to the environmental causes! For most of us, including me, being socially conscious and environmentally friendly is usually something we do in our spare time and only when convenient. We would hardly compromise something as precious as our wedding rings. But for couples who are serious about saving the world, no material sacrifice is too great! A particularly “green” friend of mine shared her plans to purchase wooden wedding bands with me and I have to say…not only are the rings beautiful but the feeling one must get from making such a statement has to be pretty gratifying.

The company is Touch Wood Rings and the folks behind this wonderful venture are David and Nicola. David crafts each ring by hand. It’s a meticulous process of layering thin strips of wood. Each piece of wood is carefully chosen for its meaning, its color and its contrast to the other pieces. The end result is a completely unique work of art that is unlike anything else in the world. Now that’s special! David and Nicola believe that each wedding ring they make means, “a little less gold or another diamond is not mined”. Their dedication to environmental causes is such that their entire facility is solar powered. Their lives and their work have inspired me and compelled me to share their vision with you.

I know it’s hard to give up some of the luxuries to which we’ve grown accustomed. But having a gorgeous and meaningful ring like the ones by Touch Wood Rings seems hardly a sacrifice.

To check out David and Nicola’s work, go to www.touchwoodrings.com.