Cupcakes Galore

The gourmet cupcake trend has not shown signs of dying down. And why should it? Everyone loves cupcakes. From Magnolia Bakery in New York City to Sprinkles in LA and Kara’s Cupcakes here in San Francisco, I’ve tried and love them all. Incidentally, the best cupcake I have ever had, hands down, is from a bakery here in the bay area [I almost don’t want to tell you the name because I want to keep this little gem to myself, but of course I will because sharing great tips is what I do] called Sibby’s. They make gourmet cupcakes and will even deliver them to you! Look them up next time you have a special occasion. You won’t regret it.

But anyway…my point is, the cupcake trend is here to stay and for weddings, this means a great deal. You no longer have to stick to the traditional 3 tiered wedding cake that costs a fortune and is made up of mostly inedible fondant. With cupcakes, each guest gets a generous portion of cake that he or she can enjoy or take home for later. And the possibilities for design are endless.

You can also do-it-yourself without having to spend the day before your wedding baking. A friend of a friend was recently married and for her wedding cake, she took the cupcake idea and elicited help from several friends who are handy in the kitchen to create a multi-tiered cupcake tower that was utterly unique and beautiful to behold (see image below). Each baker designed her own cupcakes and they didn’t have to match in looks, size or flavor. The result was a fantastic mix of shapes and colors. They fashioned a gigantic, tiered cake stand out of cardboard and lined it with colorful papers then set the cupcakes out among bright blossoms for guests to pick and choose. This sounds like a great way to involve your friends and what a warm and sweet idea to consider.

Cupcake Tower Cupcake Flavors

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To check out Sibby’s cupcakes, go to