Blooms of Friendship

(image credit: Wed Loft)

My best friend Lindsay got married this weekend and while the entire day including ceremony and reception from start to finish was filled with unique and beautiful details such as the way they used colorful fall leaves in the place of rose petals to dust the isle, the one detail that stood out the most to me was the styling of the bridesmaids’ bouquets.

The flowers arrived as we were all putting the final touches on our hair, makeup and jewelry and helping Lindsay get into her beautiful lace gown. Lindsay had been very hush hush about the flowers. Little did we know she had a very special surprise in store for us.

Lindsay decided to give each of her 7 bridesmaids a different bouquet to carry. There was a fire red and orange dahlia bouquet, a sun beam yellow sunflower bouquet, a rustic red and green hypericum berry bouquet, a white gerber daisy bouquet, cocks comb bouquet, green mums bouquet and one with gorgeous greenery.

For the presentation, she gathered us in the living room and explained how each one of us has been a huge part of her life and played a huge role in making her the person she is today. Through tears of joy she then revealed her bridal bouquet which was a collection of the individual elements that made up our bridesmaids’ bouquets. At this point we were all really glad that we had chosen the waterproof mascara!

Her idea made every bridesmaid feel extremely honored. While each of us has had a different relationship with the bride, each relationship was special in its own way and Lindsay wanted to represent that on the most important day of her life.