Country Chic

From Zoo Weddings (7/18 entry) to country weddings, it must seem like I have city slickers syndrome. Maybe I am projecting my need for a get back to nature vacation on to my job. I look at wedding magazines all day and I see photographs of outdoor weddings on a ranch, in an open field or sometimes inside an acutual barn and they look so idyllic and fun! There is always a magnificent tree on whose trunk the clever stylist has pinned escort cards. Or there’s the picture of the groom dipping the bride in front of the big red barn door…or the one where the jovial guests are all dressed in white playing croquet. I often wonder who are these people and where are they getting married?

To a city girl like me, a wedding like that seems inaccessible…almost imaginary. There would be too much work involved in first finding a gorgeous location in the middle of nowhere and then in orchestrating a banquet with entertainment and decorations for over a hundred guests. This is probably the reason so many couples go with a tried and true wedding venue like a hotel or banquet hall where all you’d have to do is choose beef or chicken. But what about getting back to nature?? Surely someone has figured out how to have the country wedding without actually renting a barn?

Well one way to plan a country chic wedding without sacrificing the convenience of service and location is to invite your guests to a ranch style inn. Here in California there are many bed and breakfasts, many of which will accommodate a small-ishwedding for an entire weekend. It may not be truly out in the middle of nowhere, but it will be far enough away from the city to feel like a destination wedding. And since these folks are in the hospitality business, you can feel safe that your guests are in good hands.

Some inns offer activities like horseback riding, tennis, golf and even croquet! And if you’re environmentally conscious and trying to have a “green wedding”, you may find one that features farm-to-table catering which utilizing local resources. So if you’re looking for a country getaway but can’t quite commit to a destination wedding, take a look just outside your city. Chances are there are some hidden gems out there.