Pros of a Winter Wedding

Though weddings in the winter months are the least common, this doesn’t mean you should overlook the advantages of saying “I do” in December, January, or February. Here’s why.

Pros of a Winter Wedding

winter wedding couple outdoors

Different Food Options

With a different season from most weddings comes the ability to offer some wonderful food that is also not found at many weddings. Want to offer a hot-chocolate bar, mac and cheese entrees, a potato bar, or some other unique and hearty food options? All of these options and many more appetizing selections will be appreciated on a chilly winter day.


Snowfall around the time of your wedding can make your day feel truly magical. The wedding photographs you’ll cherish for so many years to come will be all the more special if they feature a gorgeous dusting of white snow. Since you’ll likely be hosting your winter wedding indoors, you also avoid the stress of worrying about getting rained out, which could be a big worry factor for weddings held during other parts of the year.

If you like colorful foliage and milder temperatures, a fall wedding may be perfect for you!

Cooler Weather

As wonderful as your wedding will be, the high-stakes nature of the occasion with so many spinning plates can create a lot of anxiety. A really warm day tends to just exacerbate this problem. Keeping everybody’s heads cooler is easier when it’s not sweltering outside. Another big headache you can avoid by planning a winter wedding is the effect of heat and humidity on hair and makeup. You’ll want everyone to look their absolute best, and a hot day can wreak havoc in this department.

Prefer a warmer day for your wedding? Check out our posts that detail reasons for spring or summer weddings.

Cozy Decor 

snowflake wedding coaster

Given the different color palette for winter decorations, you can have a wedding with an appearance like few others. Additionally, if Christmastime is your favorite time of year, you might be able to book your wedding at a venue that will already have beautiful Christmas decorations displayed for all to behold.

For a timeless style that will impress at just about any winter wedding, definitely take a look at our gorgeous Evergreen theme.

Ease and Financial Savings

Due to supply and demand, a winter wedding will typically be more affordable than a summer, spring, or fall wedding. This will allow you to potentially take your wedding to the next level without having to stress your budget. Similarly, if you like the idea of a relatively simple wedding, you can make it happen and have plenty of money left over for an incredible honeymoon. Furthermore, since venues, photographers, musicians, and florists will all tend to be in the slowest part of their year, you have a much higher chance of getting exactly what you want in your wedding, often at a lower price than usual!

Drawbacks of Winter Weddings

While snow can be lovely for a winter wedding, it can also pose disruptive problems if there’s enough of it to make travel difficult or impossible. If you decide a winter wedding is for you, be sure to consider alternate plans in the event of inclement weather. Another issue is the potential conflicts with guests’ schedules with the holidays and people’s vacations during winter. Finally, if flowers are important to you, you’ll find there are fewer varieties in season for you to choose from in the winter. 

Whether you opt for a winter wedding or decide another time of year is best for your particular situation, make your wedding extra special with our wide variety of personalized and unique wedding favors.