Get the Party Started with These Fun Bachelorette Party Games

A bachelorette party is a perfect time to let the bride-to-be take a breather from wedding planning. And when in need of a fun time, what better way to get the party started then with a collection of games? Whether the bride-to-be is hoping for a destination bachelorette party or a small gathering at a friends home, these bachelorette party games make a great addition! So for the hostess looking for fun games to include in the party, we’ve collected some ideas! Take a look at the games listed below and be sure to let us know which games you plan on playing at your upcoming party! (Psst, these games also work great for bridal showers!)

Drop Your Panties 

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Ask each guest in advance to bring a pair of unwrapped panties to the party. Suggest bringing a pretty pair that’s also unique! (Think style, print, fabric, etc.) That way, the guide might have a better idea of who brought which pair. Once at the party, guests can place their pair in a designated pile. But don’t let the bride-t0-be see who brought what! Once everyone has added their pair to the pile, it’s time for the bride to guess! Not only is this a fun game, but also a fun way for the bride to go into her marriage with a drawer full of new undies.

Ladies Night Truth or Dare 

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A bachelorette party just wouldn’t be the same without a little truth or dare. Sometimes though, it can be a bit hard to come up with your own truth or dare questions. So make it easy with these fun Ladies’ Night Truth or Dare Pick-A Sticks! The set comes with 50 sticks that each feature a risque truth on one side, and a dare on the other. Get ready to be rolling on the floor laughing with your bridesmaids!

Porn or Polish

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Grab these printables and have each guest answer if they believe the name provided is the title of an adult film or the name of a nail polish. You’ll be surprised with the answers! Whoever has the most correct answers wins a prize! In this case, nail polish or a spa certificate would make a great prize.

Bride Trivia 

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For the less risque bride, this Bridal Trivia Game makes an excellent activity for the bachelorette get together. Each card features a question about weddings, traditions, love-themed facts, stats, and more! When it comes to playing, see who can answer the most questions correctly. The winner gets a prize!

Bachelorette Balderdash 

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This is a silly game that will keep guests guessing! Following the same rules as the classic Balderdash, guests can fill in these questions with truthful or fake answers. To play, you’ll need this printable, pens, and scrap paper. Have the hostess read each prompt one at a time. On scrap paper, guests will write their answers for each and put it in a pile. Then the brides states the correct answer to the group. Now that you know the right answer, the bride goes through the pile and reads the answers aloud. Everyone who wrote the correct answer gets a point, but the bride gets to pick the funniest fake answer, too. Whoever’s answer she thought was most funny also gets a point. The player with the most points at the end of the game gets a prize.

Bachelorette Ring Toss 

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For a fun take on the classic ring toss game, we suggest making this DIY diamond ring toss and making it into a drinking game! We used bottles and wire to create our set. Mark bottles with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 and simply have guests go head-to-head in tossing this wire diamond rings. If a player lands a diamond ring on a bottle marked with a 1, then her opponent must take one sip of her drink. If a player lands a diamond ring on a bottle marked with a 2, her opponent must drink 2 sips and so on. Whoever gets their opponent to finish her drink first wins.

Drink If…

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This is a great game to break the ice at your bachelorette party. Take turns reading these “Drink If” cards aloud. Whoever the card describes, has to take a shot!

Bachelorette Photo Challenge 

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Take your girls on a wild photo challenge! Create or print a pre-made list of funny, embarrassing, and bold photos for each team to take. Whoever checks off more photos from the list (or finishing the entire list first) wins.

What games do you plan on playing at the bachelorette party?

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