Put A Ring On It – DIY Diamond Ring Toss Bridal Shower Game

Although it may look simple enough, the classic ring toss game requires some serious aim! The simple part about it though? The set up. And in this case the beauty makeover. With a little creativity, you’ll have the prettiest ring toss game (or should we say diamond ring toss game) yet! Let us show you how easy it is to create this pretty project that will bring out some serious fun and competitiveness at your bridal shower.

Here’s what you’ll need (we found all our materials at our local craft store)

First up is creating your diamond rings. Using one piece of wire per ring, start off by wrapping it around a circular object. Wrap it around a few times until your ring has a thickness of about three wires. Make sure you leave enough wire on one end that will become your diamond. In order to create the diamond, use your fingers to bend to your desired shape. Once we created our first diamond silhouette, we wrapped it around the circular ring to hold in place. Because we wanted our diamond ring to be 3-dimensional, we created another diamond silhouette to cross over the first. (Feel free to only create one silhouette for a 2-dimensional look if you prefer.) Cut off or wrap any extra wire around your circular ring like we did.

Next up is painting your diamond rings and bottles. We used spray paint to make our diamond rings gold and our glass bottles pink. Let your paint dry and then use your sharpie to write numbers on your bottles. The higher the number the higher the points! And there you have it. You’re all ready to play a fun game of diamond ring toss!