The Best Alternative Bridal Shower Ideas for the Non Traditional Bride

While we love a good ole’ fashioned bridal shower, we know that a themed party complete with games and a very public gift opening session may not be every bride’s cup of tea. In fact, many bride-to-be’s are now opting for nontraditional bridal showers such as group outings, coed backyard BBQs, or full on vacations.  There are so many fun and unique ways to make your bridal shower fit your personality, and today we’re excited to share some of our favorite alternative bridal shower ideas. Check out the details below and get inspired to throw a shower that’s uniquely yours!

Get active 

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For the sporty bride-to-be, we suggest doing a physical activity with your favorite group of people. A few ideas include hiking, kayaking, yoga, rock climbing, or river rafting.

Learn a new skill 

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Taking a class/learning a new skill is exciting and a fun bonding experience! If there’s something that the bride-to-be has always wanted to try or improve at, this is the perfect time to do it. Some ideas include a pottery class, painting lessons, a flower arranging class, or a cooking class.

Pamper yourselves

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You can never go wrong with a day of pampering. Whether that means getting massages, soaking in a spa, or getting your nails done, a day full of relaxation is just what every girl needs.

Get wild 

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When we say get wild, we mean do an activity with animals!  Perfect for the nature/animal loving bride-to-be. We suggest activities such as going on a safari, horseback riding, volunteering at a shelter or visiting a zoo or aquarium.

Have a fun night in 

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Some brides may prefer a casual hangout at home, and we are totally on board with that idea! If a night in sounds ideal, we suggest inviting your closest group of friends over for a movie marathon or even a sleep over.

Take a tour 

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Taking a tour of your favorite movie studio, amusement park, historic site,  or even your own town is another great idea. Depending on where you live and what you’re into, we suggest looking into tours for whatever it is you’d like to get a behind the scenes look at. For inspiration, remember that places such as the Freedom Trail in Boston, Disneyland, and Warner Brothers Studios all give tours.

Get away 

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Last but not least, a getaway trip is always a fun choice. Head to her favorite destination, or somewhere she’s always wanted to go but has never been. Whether it’s abroad, or the next town over, you can never go wrong with venturing through a new area.

Which of these alternative bridal shower ideas would you opt for?