What Does “Rustic” Even Mean?

You can’t plan a wedding these days without running into endless blog posts and Pinboards planning the perfect rustic wedding. We’re weighing in on this hot trend with the reasons why it’s become so popular and how you can adapt it for your own wedding.

But I Don’t Even Know What “Rustic” Means!

By definition, rustic is an adjective used for things related to the countryside. In the wedding industry, “Rustic” is being applied to weddings that pay tribute to the great outdoors either through an outdoor venue or by incorporating tons of natural or nature-inspired elements. In fact, the word has taken on such a broad meaning that there is no longer a specific definition. It’s a hot trend that can be customized to any event.

The Rise of the Rustic Trend

Thanks to the rising awareness of the climate crisis, people have become much more conscious of the impact their choices have on the environment. As a result, there has been a movement in the special events world toward local sourcing, reducing waste, sustainability, and building better communities.

The rustic theme is a reflection of that shift in attitude, not necessarily just a shift in style. People are going back to simpler times and simpler pleasures, rather than planning huge, over-the-top (and over the budget) events. Face it, before technology came along, our ancestors were the ultimate do-it-yourselfers, and there is something charming and almost nostalgic about putting a little piece of your heart into every aspect of your wedding, from the hand-made favors to the homemade desserts.

Plus, we love how many brides are incorporating items and textures that were not considered “pretty” a few years ago. Check out the twine accents, the local wild flowers in mason jars, and the rough-hewn signage that has become so popular – it’s hard to look at these cute little touches and not see them as beautiful for their elegance and simplicity.

Upscale Rustic Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

How Do I Plan a Rustic Wedding?

There are endless takes on a rustic theme, and the beauty of this trend is that it is what you make of it.  For instance, here are three popular takes on the rustic theme we see pretty regularly:

  • Shabby chic – an upscale outdoors affair with natural touches that evoke old-world charm – rough-hewn logs, lace, chalkboards, etc.
  • Country cowboy style – a large dressed-down party with a barbecue and lots of dancing
  • Eco-friendly, small footprint – a celebration of love and love for the planet, with minimal décor and conscious consumerism

Start by figuring out what’s truly important to you.

If you love the DIY aspects of rustic decorations you see on Pinterest, don’t be afraid to embrace your inner crafting diva and make hand-drawn signs or arrange your own flowers!

If you adore reclaimed wood, bonfires, and pledging your love under an open sky, unleash your inner folksiness by creating a comfortable outdoor setup with all those elements you love.

If you want to show your love for the great outdoors while expressing your love for your partner, keep it green with recycled or reused products and sourcing locally for food.

Like any popular theme, you really have to make it your own. After all, this is YOUR special day. And that is exactly why the rustic theme has become so popular – so many possibilities!

What do you think of the rustic theme? Love it? Hate it? Have a different spin? Tell us in the comments, or click “Like” to get the conversation started on Facebook!