We’re Mad For Mason Jar Centerpieces!

It’s July, and we’re exploring any and everything rustic this month. Our latest obsession? Mason jars. These super versatile pieces allow you to completely customize your centerpieces to suit your own unique style. And the best part is it’s super easy! We recently got in a cute set of personalized mason jars and decided to play around with them to see what we could come up with. Our favorite two are pictured below – an earthy, glowing floating candle centerpiece, and a beautiful rustic wildflower arrangement. Rustic Mason Jar Centerpiece with Floating Candles - Beau-coup.com Handy styling tips from the Beau-coup team: – Pick a pretty base that accentuates your theme. For example, we wanted a rustic look and chose a flat, rough-hewn piece of wood as the base for our floating candle centerpiece. If you want to go glam, use a beveled mirror base, or set out lace doilies to give your event a more vintage vibe. – Make it more interesting with staggering. Everything looks pretty when lined up nice and neat, but part of the appeal of mason jars is their uniform look even though they come in vastly different sizes. Our suggestion is to get a bunch of mason jars of varying size and play around with the arrangement until you find something that looks pretty to you. Alternate tall and short jars on the base, or use same-sized jars placed on pedestals of differing heights. – Add some simple decorative accents to make it your own. In our centerpieces, we wrapped twine around the mason jars before we completed the arrangements. With just that simple addition, we were able to visually tie together our rustic theme, using the same set of jars for two very different centerpieces. Rustic Wildflowers Mason Jar Centerpiece - Beau-coup.com Pro tips: – When lighting floating candles, make sure to have a long lighter on hand to avoid burns to your fingertips. After all, you can’t really tip a jar filled with water in order to better reach the floating candles, and trying to light the candles before putting them in the jars just won’t work. We suggest using a long butane lighter, fireplace matches, or trying dry spaghetti as handy candle lighters. – When selecting flowers for your arrangements, pick a fresh bunch and try to hold off on getting them until the day of your event. If you have to get them a day or two before, look for flowers with a lot of unopened buds or buds that are just starting to flower. That way they’ll continue to bloom and be at peak prettiness (instead of wilting) by the time you’re ready to sit down for dinner. What cute ideas have you seen for mason jar centerpieces? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or click “Like” to get the conversation started on Facebook!