What Your Party Shoes Say About You

More and more brides are choosing non-traditional footwear for their wedding days. Whether they are choosing comfort or fashion, we noticed they are expressing a big part of their personalities with such a seemingly simple choice. As it turns out, a study recently came out revealing that your shoes tell people a lot about you. We thought it would be fun to come up with our own list of what your favorite party shoes are telling people!

 Shoe Personality: What Your Shoes Say About You
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Classic pumps: conservative, ambitious

If you prefer the clean lines and classic look of pumps, odds are you have a timeless feminine style. These multifunctional shoes work well with just about every outfit you own, whether you want to dress up your jeans or really rock your brand new outfit. You probably have a go-to pair that is perfectly broken in and polished to perfection. Maybe you even have the same pair in a few different colors so that you can go a little wild on occasion without having to sacrifice comfort for style.

Death-Defying Heels: fashion forward, loves attention, life of the party

Platform pumps, stilettos, armadillo heels – the higher and more attention-getting, the better! You enjoy feeling like royalty and commanding attention as you tower over people and survey all you see. Your fashion icon is someone like Lady Gaga, who may take fashion risks (and sometimes even has trouble walking) but always leaves them talking.

Flip Flops: laid back, anti-authority, comfortable in your own skin

Slip into a flip flop and get ready to relax. These versatile shoes are an indicator that you prefer comfort above style. Shoes off = chill time, shoes on = ready to go wherever the road leads. Odds are you prefer spending your money on things more important to you, like pampering yourself with a pedicure so those nearly bare feet always look and feel good.

Strappy Sandals and Ballet Flats: sensible, busy, a bit on the preppy side

These shoes are the best of both worlds – style and comfort all rolled into one pretty little package. These stylish shoes are only slightly more effort to get on and off than flip flops, but they still mean you can rock a killer outfit or easily slip out of those shoes and into relaxation mode.  And with so many styles to choose from, the outfit and shoe pairing possibilities are endless! That perfectly suits your need to have a little bit of everything.

Top of the Line Athletic Gear: super competitive, driven

If you prefer lacing up your cross trainers or slipping into your toe shoes before hitting the party circuit, odds are you’re super conscious – about your health, your body, and your overall image. A tendency to wear athletic shoes means you’re always ready to run and push boundaries. You’ll party until you feel you can’t party anymore, and then you’ll party even more! You are built for endurance and though you enjoy being comfortable, you don’t easily shift out of overdrive.

Trusty Tattered Sneaks: rebellious but dependable

Have you had that pair of Converse sneakers for so long you actually forget when you got them? If you and your sneaks are inseparable, then your style is individuality meets comfort. You probably won’t take these bad boys off until they fall off, and even then you’re more likely to repair them than try to replace them. You love these shoes like a pet and would wear them anywhere – on a date, to an interview, under your wedding dress… They’re a part of you and being fashion forward doesn’t matter to you as much as what you like.

Designer Duds:  posh, believes there’s only one chance at a first impression

Jimmy Choo. Manolo Blahnik. Christian Louboutin.

Just the sound of these names gets you going, wondering when the next sample sale will be. You probably have a portion of your budget dedicated exclusively to your shoe collection, and constantly keep your eyes out for the latest design that might perfectly match the new outfit you just got. You’re a slave to fashion and are very conscious about the image you project, both professionally and on the party scene.

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