Wedding Day Countdown…

I’m a BlackBerry girl…totally addicted to email.  But once in a while, I have iPhone envy.  Well, actually, just apps-envy.  I would consider buying an extraneous iPhone, even though I have a smart phone and 3 iPods already, just so I can download dozens of equally extraneous iPhone apps.  My favorite is the Urban Spoon app which is a little digital slot machine that helps you decide where to eat.  You literally shake your iPhone to get it rolling and it’ll stop on a random selection in a predetermined neighborhood so you’ll never be stuck deciding where to go only to end up at the same old place again!

For the soon-to-be bride, I just came across a new app that counts down the days you have left as a single chick (or days left until you’re the happiest girl in the world…however you look at it)!  The wedding day countdown clock counts down to the second you say your “I do’s”.  Pretty cool.

(image credit: Andesigned)