A delicious bridal shower idea

(image credit: Parties That Cook)

Raise your hand if you’ve been to so many bridal showers that you can make a toilet paper wedding dress with your eyes closed and a ribbon bouquet with one hand tied behind your back.  Ladies, it’s time for some new tricks!  Take your bridal shower or bachelorette party on an adventure.  Take surfing lessons or visit a rainforest or go skydiving if you have the dough.  What better way is there to bond with the bride-to-be before her wedding day than to share a new experience none of you will forget?

For those who love to cook or simply love food, the perfect adventure might just be in the kitchen.  I picked up a few new tricks myself last weekend at a gourmet cooking party hosted by Parties That Cook.  This awesome company produces top-notch culinary events both for your education and for your entertainment. You can sign up for a private cooking lesson for your bridal shower!  You and your girl friends can celebrate you getting hitched over good wine and great food that you prepared yourselves.  Another great idea is to treat your bridal party to a kitchen challenge, bridesmaids vs. groomsmen…Iron Chef style!  A little friendly competition to break the ice and get the party started!  These events will no doubt leave lasting memories and let face it…they’re a lot more exciting than afternoon tea.

At the gourmet cooking party I attended, we started off with wine and cheese plates and then broke off into teams to tackle small plate dishes such as tuna tartare, sliders and meyer lemon cupcakes.  Our lead chef gave us some great cooking tips such as how to slice an onion without crying your eyes out and then sent us on our way with recipes to create our dishes.  After we cooked, each group shared its dish with the others and we ate, drank and had a fantastic time.

Ladies, if you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional bridal shower or bachelorette party, check out Parties That Cook!  And to round out your bridal shower theme, find cooking themed favors such as mini whisks, heart-shaped measuring spoons or a personalized box of cupcake mix.  And if you have a creative bridal shower idea, please do share!

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