The Bridal Gown Breakdown – Featuring Barbie Wedding Styles

For the last 55 years or so, Barbie has had hundreds and hundreds of different outfits – including several wedding styles. We’re always looking for new and fun ways to share information about weddings, so we thought with March 9th being National Barbie Day, there really was no better way to share wedding dress styles than with Barbie herself as the model. And so, we give you the wedding gown style breakdown featuring Barbie as our model. Keep scrolling to learn about each style!


(image credit: Bridalguide)

Ballgown: Fitted bodice with a long full skirt.

(image credit: Tonnerdoll)

A-line: Fitted at the bodice and gently flares wider toward the bottom of the dress, resembling the letter “A”.

(image credit: Thebarbiecollection)

Empire: Waistline above the natural waistline, even as high as right below the bust.

(image credit: Bridalguide)

Trumpet: Fits close to the body until mid-hip where it then widens gradually to the hem.

(image credit: Yanaemelyanova)

Sheath: Figure-hugging with a straight skirt at mid-calf and a defined waist.

(image credit: Eslamoda)

Mermaid: Fits close to the body until the knee, where it then widens gradually to the hem.


(image credit: Eslamoda)

Sweetheart: Shaped like the top half of a heart.

(image credit: Pinterest)

Off The Shoulder: Sits just below the shoulders.

(image credit: Eslamoda)

Halter: Straps wrap around the back of the neck.

(image credit: Urinconemivtrina)

High Neck: Has a high neckline or t-shirt-like shape.

V-neck: The neckline dips down into the shape of a “v”.

(image credit: Tumblr)

Bateau: Follows the collarbone to the tip of the shoulders.

(image credit: Thebarbiecollection)

Scalloped: A fan or seashell-like top.

(image credit: Glamour)

One Shoulder: Strap comes over one shoulder only.


(image credit: Flickr)

Strapless: No straps are used on the dress.

(image credit: Pinterest)

Short Sleeve: Sleeves that go a few inches past the shoulders.

(image credit: Flickr)

3/4 Sleeve: Sleeves that are approximately elbow length.

(image credit: Eslamoda)

Long Sleeve: Full-length sleeves that reach all the way to the hands.


(image credit: Pinterest)

Brush/Sweep: Bottom of the dress barely brushes the floor.

(image credit: Pinterest)

Chapel: The bottom of the dress extends approximately 3 feet.

(image credit: Twilighttoodawn)

Cathedral: The bottom of the dress extends approximately 6 feet.

(image credit: Bridalguide)

Royal: The bottom of the dress extends approximately 10 feet.

What are your favorite wedding gown styles? Did Barbie ever give you fashion inspiration?