The Best Gifts for Groomsmen Based on Personality

How do you thank your best buds for standing by your side on your big day? You get him something useful that he’ll enjoy for years to come. We came up with this handy gift-giving guide to help you find the perfect fit for your favorite guys based on personality type.

Man’s Man

He’s the center of attention. Always super stylish without appearing to even try, he’s got the latest gadgets you’ve been dying to test drive. With his connections, he can get into the trendiest clubs and busiest restaurants simply because he knows a guy. He’s the epitome of cool and has the best home game room you’ve ever seen.

In his free time, you’ll find him doing shots with the guys at the bar down the street, in his man cave watching the latest hot movie in hi-def and surround sound, or heading to Vegas to get his gambling on. He’ll love a personalized man cave sign and a personalized leather koozie

best gift for a mans man groomsman
Clockwise from top left: personalized man cave sign, personalize leather koozie, personalized jager bomb setpersonalized beer belt



He’s the guy who knows where to find the best of everything – the best food and drinks in town, the best place for custom-tailored suits, and much more. His standards are so high they’re practically in orbit – but that just means whenever you’re hanging out, you know you’re guaranteed a stellar time.

In his free time, you’ll find him at a hole in the wall joint enjoying THE best steak you’ve ever tasted. He’ll love curing his own whiskey in a mini oak whiskey barrel or storing his favorite cigars in a personalized cherry wood humidor.

best gifts for a connoisseur groomsman
Clockwise from top left: mini oak whiskey barrel, flask and zippo lighter setpersonalized pizza board, personalized cherry wood humidor, personalized beer flight sampler set



He’s the guy who knows when and where all the home games are – throughout the entire season. He’s already got the menu planned for each and every big game, and he knows where the party is for all the away games. He’s manning the barbecue pit in pursuit of perfecting his already mouthwatering rib recipe.

In his free time, he dreams up inventive (and delicious!) spice rubs and barbecue sauces. When he’s not polishing his grilling tools or eating tons of tasty grilled meat and veggies, he’s wondering if he can find a way to grill up a cake for dessert. He’ll love having his own golf caddy full of grilling tools and a personalized grill master apron to mark his status as King of BBQ.

best gifts for a grill master groomsman

Clockwise from top left: grill and golf BBQ tool set, personalized cooler duffle bags3 piece personalized bbq grill set, personalized grill master apron, personalized tub coolerpersonalized color aluminum water bottles


Sports Nut

He has the latest stats for every major local team, his old alma mater, AND his hometown favorites. Often an amazing (or aspiring) athlete himself, he has multiple jerseys for each of his favorite teams, and owns a large collection of sports memorabilia.

In his free time, you’ll find him at the sports bar betting on his favorite teams and buying rounds when they win. Or, you can find him trash talking in the park in an effort to challenge his buddies to pick-up games. He’ll love a framed personalized NFL locker room print featuring his team or a personalized MLB medallion beer mug to hold his cold brew while he hollers for the home team.

best gift for a sports fan groomsman
Clockwise from top left: personalized golf towel, personalized NFL locker room print, personalized tailgate backpack cooler chair, personalized MLB medallion beer mug, golf tools key ringpersonalized football glass

All Business

He’s the classic over-achiever – all buttoned down and all business all the time. He’s either got his own business, is a higher up at a major company, or is focused on making his way up the ladder. He won’t stop until he’s at the top. Occasionally you’ll see him at happy hour with a client or colleague, where he may even roll up his sleeves and have a drink or two!

In his free time you can find him at his desk or in his home office, still hard at work. He truly enjoys studying the competition and devising the latest and greatest plan to help take his business to the next level. He’ll love this personalized black border tie clip and an engraved expandable card case to help him make that crucial first impression that really wows ’em.

best gifts for an executive business man groomsman
Clockwise from top left: engraved silver plated pocket watch, engraved expandable card case, personalized black border tie clip, monogrammed silver plated cufflinks in gift boxcustom embossers

What gifts have you given to your guys in the past? Do you have ides we didn’t think of? Tell us in the comments!