Escort Card Ideas // Guest Post from One Fine Day Events

Escort cards are a simple and beautiful way to help your guests find their seats. Just think – you get to add to your wedding decor and minimize all the extra traffic from people wandering around searching tables for their place cards.

We love these cute escort card displays – they look like great additions to rustic themes or outdoor weddings! Read on to learn more about these creative escort card ideas from our friends at One Fine Day Events.

One of the more magical escort card ideas was featured in one of our August weddings last year. We used several round glass ornaments and tear-drop shaped glasses, suspending them with clear fishing wire around the portion of the tent where we hosted the dinner. We placed a battery powered tea-light candle inside each ornament, creating a beautiful and otherworldly glow.

glass ornament teardrop escort cards for evening wedding
{ image credit : Arden Prucha Photography }

This escort card display was designed to be “True to Tahoe” and pay homage to our gorgeous mountain scenery. It was used at a July wedding this past year. We foraged a nice pine log and wrapped twine around the long branch. Then we used the twine to attach tiny pine cones and cards with each guests’ name to the branch and hung the piece at the tent’s entrance.

pine cone escort cards
{ image credit : Theilen Photography }

An escort card display favorite, this fun frame idea was part of a summer wedding we planned. The theme was rustic, and we created this look by wrapping a linen cloth around the back of a beautiful gold frame. To help guide people to their tables, we strung cards with table numbers and names onto a piece of organic twine and encased them in the frame.

rustic gold frame escort cards
{ image credit : Mike Larson Photography }

For more information about this super creative wedding planning company, visit the One Fine Day Events website.