Mustache Mania – Would You Use it as a Fun Wedding Theme?

I mustache you a question


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Are you familiar with this obsession over facial fuzz? Man or woman, it doesn’t really matter. If you can’t wear a real one on your face, you can add fake ones to your face (or your clothes, or your car…).

We are loving this mustache mania so much that we are declaring it a hot wedding trend! We searched for a way to incorporate these manly accessories into your big day and we found just the thing. Our set of mustache pilsner glasses does double duty – they have stylish ‘staches and are SUPER manly! We think it’s the perfect way to party in preparation for the upcoming wedding.

mustache pilsner beer glass gift set for groomsmen

But how did it all start?

No one’s really sure how it initially took off, but it’s definitely making waves. Perhaps it stems from several decades without prominent celebrities wearing an infamous lip sweater. The ’70s had stars like Burt Reynolds, Walter Cronkite, and Tom Selleck (below) showing off their ‘staches.

Tom Selleck rocks a mustache
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And now, you can see mustaches EVERYWHERE.

They’re in high fashion:

mustache trend in high fashion
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They’re on babies:

baby with a mustache pacifier
{ image credit : Dollar Store Crafts }

They’re on animals:

animals with mustaches
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And they’re even on cars:

orange car mustache

{ image credit :  Carstache }

It’s enough to make me want a mustache too!

What do you think of this crazy trend? Love it? Hate it? Tell us in the comments!

…and now, I mustache.