Oscar night

My friends and I always make a big deal out of Oscar night. We get together, cook food, get a pool going and make a party out of it. I can think of a few people in my circle of friends for whom an Oscar-themed wedding would make sense. Here are a few ideas to get your Oscar/Hollywood wedding off to a glamorous start:

The Entrance:

Set up a red carpet entrance for your guests. Station a few photographers along the red carpet to take instant photos of each guest as they walk in. Those pictures can then be used for your guestbook. Even ask each guest for their autograph as they sign the book.

The Green Room:

Set up directors chairs in a corner and invite guests to come and sit for a brief interview. Of course the interview would focus on how they know the couple, and their thoughts on the wedding. Footage then can be used in a wedding video.

The Gift Bag:

Movie stars always get a nice gift bag when they attend the Oscars, and so should you’re A-list guests, albeit on a smaller scale. Include snazzy favors like our diamond ring key chains, beaded picture frames, and cocktail flavored jelly beans.

The Lighting:

Rent a spotlight, and use it to highlight each speaker of the night from the MC, to the best man, maid of honor and the bride and groom themselves as they address the audience.

The finale:

Invite key guests to come up to a podium throughout the night to presentfavorite moments in the couple’s history together, then either set up an Academyor allow everyone to vote on a winner. At the end of the evening, present the person with the best moment with an award.