A splash of color

Times they are a changing. And nowhere do they change quite as often as they do here in the U.S. of A. In our melting pot society, we are able to share cultural experiences, exchange practices and borrow traditions from one another to our hearts’ content. So why should we expect weddings to look the same from one generation to the next? Of course there are some traditions dear to our hearts, like walking down the aisle with our fathers, and wearing a beautiful wedding gown. But when it comes to getting married, more and more people are finding ways to blend new and old to create their idea of the perfect wedding.

Take that wedding gown for instance. Although some of us still dream about standing at the altar in a white dress with a train that drapes down the stairs, there are a growing number of brides who just can’t resist a splash of color. Designers like Monique Lhuillier know just what these brides need. Her signature lace gowns are adorned with a colored satin sash for a perfect blend of antique charm and modern boldness. Other designers are going for hued gowns in subtle tints of gold, platinum, and blush. These are not as cheeky as the gown worn by Dita Von Teese who married Marilyn Manson in a deep red Vivienne Westwood dress, but they do get the message across that you’re not afraid to be you. And finally, my personal favorite.the hot pink bottomed gown custom designed for Gwen Stefani by John Galliano. White on top with deepening shades of pink that start at about the ankles and reaches the end of the train; it looks like she waded through fruit punch to reach the altar, but the gorgeous gown is ever as classy, and conveys just enough irreverence to make it rock-star-worthy.