Indie-Spirational Wedding Ideas: For The Ultimate Hip Bride

You’re one-of-a-kind, quirky, rebellious, and FUN… So why on earth would you have a traditional wedding? Odds are, you’re probably not going to. Well hallelujah to you miss indie-bride because we’re totally digging your vibe and we can’t get enough of your style.

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The beauty of an indie themed wedding is that it’s totally unique and no holds barred. There aren’t any real rules to follow and the creative allowances are boundless. So have fun with this style and here’s to getting Indie-Spirational!

While there are no hard set rules to an Indie wedding, here are some inspirational elements to help get you on your creative merry way.



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Your wedding attire should be casual, cool, and sometimes weird. Sneakers, bow-ties, and vintage lace? Yes please!



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This isn’t your mom’s wedding that’s for sure. Embrace the new age and have fun with technology. Create your own hashtags and go crazy with Instagram filters




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Stiff and posed is not your thing. Take this opportunity to be truly Indie. Best way to do this is to choose a photographer with a shared vision. Natural, avant-garde, and artistic is your ticket.



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Traditional wedding fare? No thank you. Serve up some fun cocktails, craft beers, and food truck fare.



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Cold and sleek has its place, just not at your indie wedding. Opt for warm, cozy, and out-of-the-box accessories to dress up your venue.