Ice, Ice… Baby Let’s Have an Ice Castle Wedding

You’ve probably never considered hosting a wedding at an ice castle or ice hotel, but really… why not!?

It can be an absolutely stunning, once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your guests. But don’t take our word for it, check out these real life ice castle and ice hotel weddings. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to some sort of icy Disney fairy tale.

Color Adore

A huge pro to having an ice castle wedding is that you can have fun with color. The color of ice is… well it’s white, so do whatever you want! This bride in Colorado did just that at her ice castle wedding. Her vibrant crimson red dress just pops and it is absolutely stunning.

(image credit: Element Events)

White Wash

Or, go the other direction. Embrace the white. This bride wore white at her Utah ice cave wedding and the images couldn’t have been any more striking.

(image credit: Alta Moda)

Simply The Best

We just love the simplicity of this silhouette. It’s the engagement photo for a Colorado couple shot in the ice castles of Silverthorne. The image is simple and elegant. It plays up the romance of an ice castle beautifully.

(image credit: Summit Mountain Weddings)

Please Be Seated… In The Most Stunning Ceremony (Like Ever) 

Think of your guests! Give them a lifetime’s worth of fantastic memories. You can do just this by having them witness your vows while seated in a beautiful ceremony room like the ones below.

(image credit: Away Soiree)

(image credit: Cupcakes & Corsets)

Cool Delights

Speaking of your guests, be sure to keep them well hydrated! What better way to serve up libations aplenty than in a custom made “ice” bucket and DIY ice shot glasses? How “cool” are these?!

(image credits: Weddings Illustrated)


What do you think of these ice castle weddings? Would you consider having an ice wedding of your own?