5 Easy Ways To Share Your Love This Valentine’s Day

(image credit: Positive Quotes)

Love is in the air y’all. Valentine’s day is only one month away! If you’re anything like us, we bet you love love and with it, its many reasons to celebrate.

Valentine’s Day is not just for “lovers” though. We love our family, our friends, and colleagues. Remember when you used to make homemade valentines for all your classmates and how good it made you feel to give and receive those fun cards? Well, we’re proposing to bring back that loving feeling.

Whether you’re one half of a romantic relationship, are in love with love, or just want to celebrate the upcoming holiday, we’ve got some ideas for you below. Try out some of these sweet gestures, just to show loved ones that you care.

1) Mail someone a card. That’s right, snail mail. Send out Valentine’s Day cards again, the special feelings remain, no matter the age. Your loved ones will adore opening the mailbox and receiving something as special as this.

2) Buy the person behind you a coffee. Yes, you can show love to a stranger! Offer to pay for the person’s coffee waiting in line behind you, and ask the barista to note “Happy Valentine’s Day” on their cup. We guarantee smiles all around.

3) This one is for the lovers, or anyone who loves warm towels. When your girlfriend, husband, child, or roommate is in the shower, warm up their towel in the dryer. Retrieve after a few minutes and place folded up neatly next to the shower. When they come out to find a warm and fluffy towel, their heart will warm up even more than the towel.

4) Leave love notes. For your sweetie, sweet notes around the house are a romantic way to keep things fresh. For co-workers, we’re fans of love post-its. Write down a compliment, joke, or lunch invite. This will evoke feelings of passing notes in class and they’ll feel special to have received a nice note from you.

5) Write a glowing review. Technology is the new love letters. Feeling extra appreciative of your honey? Want to thank a friend for a favor but not sure how? Write them a review! Give them 5 stars on a yelp review about them, write a blog post dedicated to them, or create a hashtag campaign. For example #ilovejohndoe, and share a reason why everyday using that hashtag. They’ll feel special and loved for sure.