Halloween Cocktail Ideas

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere and with Halloween right around the corner, we bet you’re ready for some horrifying (and delicious) libations! Or maybe you’re throwing a frightening Halloween party? Whatever the occasion, there’s always room for a festive cocktail. Check out our Halloween drink tips, recipes, and ideas below. Let these scary, ghoulish, and killer drinks delight you and your guests!

A smokin’ shindig

(image credit: Jay’s Catering Chronicles)

Create the eerie look and feel of a witch’s cauldron with a little help from dry ice.

  • Use food-grade dry ice (available online or at many local grocery stores)
  • For single drinks, add last — only 2 or 3 small pieces
  • The dry ice will sink and stay at the bottom of the glass, making it safe to consume

It’s a bloody good time

(image credit: Jenna’s Costume Blog)

Drip “blood” on edges of glasses to give your drinks just the right touch of horror. Looks scary, tastes great! There are several ways to achieve this look. It can be as simple as using strawberry syrup. But we’re Halloween fanatics over here and prefer a more morbid depiction… like this awesome recipe from Clockwork Lemon, perfect for cakes and costumes too!

I’ve got my eye on you

(image credit: Martha Stewart)

Floating eyeballs are gross… which makes them perfect for Halloween cocktails! Here’s how to achieve this look using radishes and olives.

  • Using a pairing knife, scrape off most of the red skin from the radish
  • Using a small melon baller, cut a small hole in the stem end of each radish
  • Insert an olive half into each hole, cut side out

Go ahead, give these spooky drink ideas a try! Hopefully your guests will make it out of your party alive…