Luxe for Less (Part 3) – Favors and Stationery

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing how to spend less, while still maintaining a luxurious feel for your wedding. This week’s edition of Luxe for Less focuses on favors and stationery. So save big or go home!

(image credits from top clockwise: Handwritten Life, Beau-coup, Beau-coup, Savvy Sugar)

Be wise about font

Handmade, custom calligraphy is beautiful, romantic, ever so classic, and oh so crazy expensive. But if you love this look, then it would seem cruel to cut this out right!? Here’s an alternative, use it sparingly. Save the calligraphy for the really good stuff… invitations vs. place cards? What’s more important to you? Incorporate a printable complimentary font for the stationery pieces that don’t make the “calligraphy cut”.  It’s still beautiful and super stylish!

Bulk up on favors

When it comes to favors, you probably need more than just a couple of handfuls. Take this opportunity to buy in bulk or to take advantage of sales and online deals. A little bit of planning and research can save you loads of dinero!


Favors, meet place cards. Affix your favors with guests’ name and table numbers using strips of pretty labels. Place on a table near the entrance for guests to pick up and you’re done! Favors and place cards all-in-one. This is simple, streamlined, and saves you some stationery costs.

Send a postcard “Save the Date”

The times they are a-changing. Couples are getting creative with invitations and stationery nowadays. It’s more personable and less stuffy. More importantly, it’s less costly! Take this opportunity to save on stationery costs. Try sending a personalized postcard. It’s sentimental and definitely fridge-hanging worthy. We like Postagram for this exact reason!

DIY Favors

Speaking of sentimental… try your hand at DIY favors. Guests love favors that are functional and sweet. We suggest filling up jars with homemade granola and finishing off with a personalized label. You’ll be saving money and guests will love this favor.

Did we miss any awesome cost-cutting ideas? Be sure to let us know!