Having Fun with Cake Toppers

So you’ve decided on the cake… what next? The cake topper! You may be asking, what topper would be perfect for me and my sweetie? What kind of topper represents our style, tastes, and interests? What topper is unique and is totally out of the box? Well, to get you on the right path, check out these completely alternative, unique, and fun cake toppers!

(image credit: Etsy)

Peg dolls are a hugely growing trend right now for cake toppers. They are super cute, easily customizable, and fun to keep for years to come. We love this option because you can easily customize it to your likes and interests!

(image credit: Fluff and Flowers)

Speaking of likes and interests, if you have an extreme special interest (one that maybe borderlines fanatical), then getting a custom topper is ideal. It’s important to interject your personality into your wedding. Doing so with a unique cake topper is charming, super easy and decorative.

(image credit: Beau-coup‘s “love birds” salt and pepper shakers)

Get creative! Did you see some adorable salt and pepper shakers, or maybe a unique figurine? If you like it, and you think it represents you well, use it as a cake topper!

(image credit: Shelterrific)

Are you hosting an ethnic wedding? Perhaps a themed wedding? Whatever the case may be, if you’re looking for something truly unique, opt for a custom creation. Cake toppers can even be made to match your likeness!

(image credit: Wedding Window)

Have fun with it! We love perusing funny cake toppers for a little giggle. If you’re a light-hearted couple, take this opportunity to have fun with your cake topper!