Halloween Boos: Simple Black Charcoal Cocktails + A Bonus Kid-Friendly Brew

Black activated charcoal is taking over the internet, and we honestly couldn’t think of a better way to showcase it’s goth color then with a Halloween cocktail. So if you’re looking for a dark and spooky drink for your upcoming Halloween bash, look no further. Check out all the details below.

Black charcoal Halloween cocktail in a personalized Halloween cup.

Black charcoal

So what is activated charcoal you ask? Activated charcoal is a “detoxing superfood” that’s great for cleansing your digestive system, helping with bloating, and increasing energy. When used in the right dosage, activated charcoal has several health benefits and honestly, we can’t get over how cool it makes just about any cocktail or food look. We used it to spruce up a few drinks ourselves and we’re excited to share how they turned out. Check out the recipes below.

Black Charcoal Moscow Mule 

A black charcoal Halloween cocktail in a personalized Halloween cup with a bat

Combine 8-10 oz. of cold ginger beer, juice of 1/2 a lime, and 1.5 oz. vodka in a glass. Add a spoonful of activated charcoal down the side of the glass so it sinks to the bottom. You can create this cocktail over ice, but we personally like how it looks without it.

Black Charcoal Prosecco 

Black charcoal prosecco as a Halloween cocktail in a champagne glass.

Pour your glass of champagne, then add a spoonful of activated charcoal. Slowly pour the charcoal down the side of the glass so it sinks to the bottom. If using a straw, mix before drinking or you will sip up all the charcoal at once.

Don’t these look great? Now last but not least, we decided to make a kid-friendly Halloween drink with its own special dash of color. We call it, Vampire’s Bite.

Vampire Bite 

Kids Halloween drink with milk and strawberry syrup called vampires bite in a personalized Halloween cup.

Simply pour a cup of milk and add a few spoonfuls of the red syrup just before serving. Top with vampire teeth. Once stirred together, this drink tastes like strawberry milk!

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