Guest Blog // The End of the Do-Not-Play List

Our guest blogger, Marta of GigMasters talks about why it’s no longer cool to ban Macarena from your wedding play list.

One of the emerging trends for 2013 weddings is the idea that the day is not just about the bride and groom. Instead, the day is about throwing a great party where the bride and groom act as great hosts and see to the needs of their guests.

One of the more difficult sacrifices this new mode of thinking requires is the Do Not Play list. We live in an age where thanks to smart phones we all walk around with our own personal playlist in our pockets. It just makes sense that we want our wedding music to be exactly our taste and choices. But, sometimes we forget that our tastes aren’t universally shared, even by our friends, and especially by our family.

You may think The Electric Slide is the dumbest song ever, but it may be the ONLY song that will get your aunts and uncles on the dance floor. There may be songs that you consider a little cheesy and tacky, but your DJ or band leader happens to know that those are the exact songs that always reboot a flagging party.

So, what are a bride and groom to do? At GigMasters, we suggest limiting your Do Not Play list to just those songs that really set your teeth on edge. If every time you hear Brown-Eyed Girl you think about an ex-boyfriend, put it on the list. If your wedding band playing The Chicken Dance will make you hide from your guests in shame, put it on the list. But, if you don’t really, truly, hate a song – don’t put it on the list. Instead, consider creating a “By Request Only” list, meaning that your DJ can play it if two or three people request it.

We also really recommend making sure you hire a wedding band or DJ that you trust to understand your wedding aesthetic. If you feel that you have to give your DJ a detailed list of what he is and isn’t allowed to play, then you probably haven’t chosen the right DJ for you. You should hire a band or DJ that is capable of choosing music that fits with your vision of your wedding, without you micromanaging the details. If dancing is important to you, let your DJ know to play songs that will keep people out on the floor. If you’d prefer a more mellow tone, let the band leader know that.

You want a great wedding that entertains both you and your guests, so the best advice is to hire professionals and let them work their magic.