Fun Friday // Shake that cocktail!

Ahhh the happy hour cocktail. After a long week in the office, it’s one thing many hard workers look forward to the most. Recently I got the best news ever when I found out that next Friday, we’ll be having cocktails and mocktails here at our very own office happy hour!

Of course, this is Beau-coup. We can’t throw a celebration without adding our own special twist. Since we can’t resist an opportunity for a little friendly competition, we’re having a cocktail shake-off!

Our setup

We designed our cocktail shake-off competition so that people can show off their cocktail creations and mocktail mojo. We’re providing plenty of alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixing options, so that everyone can participate regardless of personal preferences. We’ll have beer and snacks on hand, and we are also setting up a karaoke station!

Cocktails? Check. Competition? Check. Super fun way to end the week? Double check!

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely hoping one of my coworkers can make a margarita like Tom Cruise in Cocktail:

The winning drink will be determined by everyone who attends the happy hour, and the winner earns the right to brag to the rest of us indefinitely. We’ll make sure to share the winning recipe here too, just so you can try it for yourself! In reality, I think all of us who get to sample these fun and fruity beverages are winners.

Now where’s the karaoke machine?! I need to practice…

Does this sound like a fun idea? What creative cocktail party ideas have you come across? Tell us in the comments!