Fun Friday // Newly married superheros fight evildoers

While I was researching some super sweet and romantic movie-themed weddings for another blog post, I came across a few other movie-based wedding themes that were too cool – and quirky – not to share.


Why not embrace your inner superhero for your big day? Pulling off a beautiful wedding while staying under budget is all in a day’s work for those super couples who manage to successfully balance work, life, and wedding planning. Bonus? This’ll probably be the safest wedding you attend all year!

Harry Potter

You don’t have to wait for your owl-borne invitation to platform 9 ¾ – bring the magic to you by hosting a Harry Potter themed wedding! Celebrate your love with all the muggles and magical people in your life, and don’t worry – He Who Must Not Be Named won’t be around to cast a shadow on your big day.

Horror movies

True love lasts through good times and bad, and what could be worse than a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion? What about all of your favorite horror movie villains gathering in one place? Whether Freddy and Jason are coming to get you or the room is rapidly filling with the walking dead, it doesn’t matter so long as you’re together – with all your weapons.

Alice in Wonderland

We’re all quite mad here – at least, we’re mad about the trending Alice in Wonderland theme, inspired by Tim Burton’s recent adaptation of the classic tale. Let the White Rabbit lead you and your guests on a whimsical adventure, and celebrate the success of your wedding with a spot of afternoon tea!

We’ve been trying to save the world one fun wedding theme at a time, but there’s only so much we can do. Now it’s all up to you! What fun themes would you use at your wedding? Share your ideas in the comments!

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