Guest Blog // Creative Escort Card Displays

The very talented Lina Wallace, event planner and owner of A Stunning Affair, took some time out of her busy schedule to share with us some of her favorite ideas for creative escort card displays.

Here’s Lina Wallace on escort card trends:

Escort card displays are now becoming more unique by incorporating many different themes and ideas. Some of our brides have been steering away from using paper and instead becoming more creative and even going green with their escort card displays. Here are some of the big hits from recent weddings!

Photo by: LA Color Photography

A calligrapher inscribed each guest’s name and table on a vertical gold mirror, thereby harmonizing perfectly with the look and feel of the day.

Photos by: Love Life Studios

What a unique way to incorporate a refreshing beverage and also provide an escort card for the event. Beverage options can range from a favorite lemonade to champagne or even a signature cocktail. Possibilities are endless.

Photo by: Nirav Patel Photography

Incorporating a vintage and rustic theme, a calligrapher inscribed guest names and tables on these extraordinary glass windows.

Photo by: This Modern Romance

Another fun and fresh way to display guest names and table numbers is to inscribe the details on fruit and/or vegetables, in lieu of traditional place card holders. In addition to apples, one can use pears, oranges, lemons, pumpkins, squash, or others that have room for the details.

Photo by: Irmina Photo

Photo by: Sandra Salisbury Photography

Boards have also become really popular lately. This is a great idea if there isn’t a lot of space for an escort card display, since it can simply be placed on a stand-alone easel.

Photo by: Troadec Photography

Another distinctive idea used place cards attached to a wrought iron fence by mini clothes pins which were then placed in wooden boxes filled with flowers.

Photos by: Henry Chen Photography

In keeping with the Spanish theme of this wedding, the local tile store provided these colorful Latin inspired tiles. These were dual purpose since they not only served as escort cards but were then used as wedding favors as a distinctive memory of the event!

Photo by Jagger Photography

Using a bolt of fabric matching the theme of the wedding day, material was wrapped around a foam board and placed on two easels. Escort cards were then hung from nails placed on the board.

For more from Lina, visit the A Stunning Affair blog.