9 Frightenedly Fun Halloween Games for Kids

Halloween will be here before you know it and it’s never too soon to start preparing for your celebration! To help get you ready, we’ve rounded up 9 Halloween games for kids to enjoy to are simple to prepare and fun to play! Check out our list below and don’t forget to check out our shop too for Halloween party supplies, decorations, and more.

(image credit: Deliacreates)

Blow up orange balloons to look like pumpkins and fill one of the balloons with confetti. Have the kids stomp the pumpkins in an attempt to find the confetti-filled balloon. Whoever stomps on the confetti-filled balloon wins!

Mummy Wrap 

(image credit: Ingrid.zcubes)

Break into teams and provide each team with a roll or two of toilet paper. The object of the game is to see which team can wrap up one of their teammates the quickest. Whoever wraps their mummy head to toe (with the exception of the eyes and nose) first wins!

Find the Eyeball in the Haystack 

(image credit: Meaningfulmama)

For this simple game, all you need is hay, a box or bucket to put the hay in, and an “eyeball”. (A bouncy ball works perfectly as an eyeball.) Mix the eyeball into the hay and use a timer to see which kiddo can find the eyeball the quickest.

Ghost Race

(image credit: Firefliesandmudpies)

The same rules apply to this game as a traditional sack race. All you have to do to make it perfect for Halloween is make the sack or pillowcase being used look like a ghost! Have the kids line up in a straight line and tell them they must hop to the finish line. Whoever is the quickest to the finish line wins.

Pin the Spider on the Web 

(image credit: Ellaclaireinspired)

Turn the classic pin the tail on the donkey game into a fun Halloween themed activity by switching out the donkey and tail for a spider and a spiderweb. The child who can get the spider closest to the center of the spiderweb while blindfolded wins!

What’s Inside the Box? 

(image credit: Blog.basicgrey)

Fill a box with items such as pipe cleaners, peeled grapes, and carrots wrapped in gauze. Have each child reach into the box and try and guess what the “spooky” item is!

Witch Hat Ring Toss 

(image credit: Wineandglue)

Use a witches hat as a ring toss! For a little competition, we suggest setting that game up so that the child who can successfully toss 5 rings onto the witches hat first wins.

Bowling for Mummies 

(image credit: Porch)

Use plastic bowling pins, toilet paper, googly eyes, and tape to create this fun Halloween themed version of bowling! The kids will have so much fun knocking down as many mummies as they can.

Poke a Pumpkin 

(image credit: Thriftyfun)

Use plastic cups, tissue paper, a foam board, and a hot glue gun to create this poke a pumpkin game. Each cup contains an item for the kids to keep. Let them make a hole in a cup one by one to claim their prizes. We suggest having one grand prize and throwing in some “tricks” and “treats” in others such as candy and plastic spiders.

Do you plan to use any of these games at your Halloween party? Are there any other games you would like to share with us?