5 Trending Themes for Every Age and Occasion

Whether you’re looking for a theme for your wedding, baby shower, or your child’s birthday party, these 5 trending themes are sure to be a hit with both grown-ups and kids. Fun for every age, we love the idea of using any of these themes for all sorts of celebrations and we think you’ll love them too! Take a peek at our top 5 picks for themes that are perfect for every age and occasion.

Fairytale Theme for Grown-ups 

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For grown-ups, we encourage you to think a little outside the box when it comes to a fairytale wedding. Castles, crowns, and quotes from your favorite stories are always a good idea, but what we think really makes a fairytale wedding is the presence of romance. This can be done with your color palette, the font of the script on your napkins, your music selection, and so many other fun ways.

Fairytale Theme for Kids 

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A fairytale theme is always a great choice for a kids birthday party. But remember – “fairytale” doesn’t just mean princesses. Stories such as Peter Pan and the Knights of the Roundtable are great picks as well as a fairy theme, Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, and so much more.

Tropical Theme for Grown-ups 

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For a grown-up tropical wedding or party, we envision a color palette that includes hot pink, white, green, and of course, gold. When done right, palm leaves, pineapples, and fruity cocktails can be insanely chic.

Tropical Theme for Kids 

For a tropical party for kids, we envision a brighter color palette full of pink, yellow, orange, and ocean blue. Fruity details are always fun to include and so are accessories such as flamingos, leis, and hula skirts.

Cooking/Baking/Kitchen Theme for Grown-ups 

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A cooking, baking, or kitchen theme is a great bridal shower concept for any bride-to-be who loves to spend time in the kitchen. We suggest decorations such as pots, mixing bowls, and pasta strainers filled with flowers. Aprons, oven mitts, measuring spoons, kitchen timers, and cooking utensils make great gifts or favors. You can even all bake/cook together or do a recipe swap.

Cooking/Baking/Kitchen Theme for Kids

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A cooking, baking or kitchen theme is also a great choice for a kid’s parties. Kids will have so much fun making their own pizza, cupcakes, or cookies with their friends! Decorate with fun tablecloths and personalized placemats, and don’t forget to give each child their very own apron and hat. You can even make your own personalized chef hats.

Tea Party Theme for Grown-ups 

Whether celebrating a birthday, bridal shower, or baby shower, a tea party makes a perfect party theme. For grown-ups, we personally love the look of a vintage tea party complete with mismatched chairs, a soft color palette, tons of flowers, and parasols, teapots, and teacups for decor. Have a selection of tea flavors and sugar cubes on hand for guests and thank them for attending with favors such as tea infusers, personalized tea bags, or honey jars.

Tea Party Theme for Kids

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For a little girls tea party, we love the idea of dressing up in floral dresses or tutus, including lots of pastel colors and using sets of cups, plates, and utensils that are both pretty and disposable. Mini tables for guests to sit at as well as lots of sweet treats, colorful sugar cubes, and iced tea or juice for “tea” is a must.

Spa Day Theme for Grown-ups 

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A day of pampering does the soul good which is why a spa themed bridal shower or birthday party for grown-ups is an excellent choice. You can go to a spa or set up something at home! Don’t forget to enjoy manicures, pedicures, soft robes, and face masks.

Spa Day Theme for Kids 

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Little girls like to be pampered too and an at-home spa day party is a fun way to let the girls feel pretty and perhaps a little grown-up. Set up a pedicure station and a makeup station for fun and let the girls take home nail polish, lip balm, and a hair brush as a favor.

What other themes would you include on this list? Do you plan on using one of these themes for your upcoming celebration?