8 Great Ways To Pop The Question: Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Now that you’ve got the guy, it’s time to gather the girls! Asking your closest girlfriends to be bridesmaids at your upcoming nuptials is an extremely momentous occasion. It’s not enough to just drop a line; it should be a personal and well-thought-out endeavor. This is going to be the girl that’s holding your dress while you pee! She deserves it.

To make the most of your asking, try some of these creative tips. We bet the ladies are going to love them!

1) Trinket Box

(image credit: Oh So Classy)

If you’re feeling particularly crafty, take some time to create individual trinket boxes for each potential bridesmaid. Fill up with personal and sweet mementos.

2) Pop The Question

(image credit: Etsy)

Yes, YOU pop the question! Present to the bridesmaids-to-be a ring pop with a note inside asking them to be a member of your wedding party.

3) Tea Time 

(image credit: Peanut On The Table)

Take her out for a special brunch or tea time date. We think this idea is super fun and feminine, perfect for a bridesmaid asking.

4) Personalized Favors

(image credit: Beau-coup)

We’re big fans of personalization, obviously. So when it comes time to act on such an important milestone, wouldn’t it be doubly fantastic to have a personalized keepsake as a reminder?

5) Message In A Bottle

(image credit: Etsy)

This idea is sweet, fun, and personal without being overly flashy.

6) Cookie Messages

(image credit: Pinterest)

In a fortune cookie, with icing, on frosting – essentially… however you say it, as long as you say it on a delicious sweet cookie, the answer will always be yes!

7) Old-Fashioned Paper

(image credit: Etsy)

Kick it old school and pass her a note! Whether you ask in a sweet and sentimental letter, or a fun and snarky card, she’ll love the effort.

8) Photo Strip

(image credit: Amanda Pair)

(image credit: A Beautiful Mess)

Snap pics of you, a message, and a grin. This can be easily done at a photo booth or through a mobile/computer app.