Have Yourself A Cozy Engagement Party

If you just got engaged, you’re probably feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Wouldn’t it be great to share that loving feeling with friends and family at your upcoming engagement party?

So what’s the perfect way to go about this? Throw a “Cozy” themed engagement party. With it being the dead of winter in an unusually frigid and unrelenting polar vortex, we think a cozy themed engagement party is just the ticket to warm everybody up!

For starters, leave out piles of blankets, mittens, or hats for guests to use. This will quickly highlight your “Cozy” theme and guests will appreciate this attention to detail, particularly if your event is held outdoors!

(image credit: Pinterest)

Let’s talk lights. When trying to evoke a feeling of warm and cozy, opt for ambient lighting. This can come in the form of glittery twinkle lights hanging above the table. Candles lit up and placed throughout the party. Or if you’re lucky enough to have access to this, a roaring fire pit as your central conversation area. These “bright” ideas are ultra-warm and cozy!

(image credit: Green Tree, Golden Moon)

When deciding on accessories to reinforce a cozy feeling, choose soft and airy decorations. Paper lanterns and sheer fabrics are extremely inviting and perfect for a cozy theme.

(image credit: Les Mots de Clem)

If you’re having a sit down dinner, decorate the table with mismatched china. This shabby-chic look is spectacularly casual yet pretty, leaving any feelings of stuffy and formal at the door.

(image credit: Karen Bussen)

Arrange for a cozy and comfortable conversation area. Similar to the mismatched china idea, pull in vintage looking furniture pieces and cushy seating for a perfectly imperfect cozy look.


(image credit: Pinterest)

When it comes to food, cozy comfort foods will do the trick. We love the idea of individual pot pies. It’s tasty and extremely cozy for tummies and souls. If you’re hosting a stand-up mixer, give these lollipop lamb chops and soup shooters a go. They’re perfectly handheld comfort foods to keep guests warm and cozy.

(image credits clockwise from top left: Daily Mail, Eat In Eat Out, A Cup Of Jo)

Last but certainly not least – For drinks, be sure to keep the trend going. A cute idea is to have a “Warming Station”, aka: open bar. But in keeping in line with the theme, offer warming drinks such as hot toddys, irish coffees, mulled wines, hot chocolates, and s’mores martinis like the one below.

(image credit: LA Times)

Don’t you feel nice and cozy already? Guests will find this theme extremely warm and inviting. It’s a sure fire way to a fun and joyous party.  Give these cozy ideas a shot and let us know what you think!