Host An Epic Super Bowl Party In 5 Easy Steps

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Super Bowl… Sunday. Are you pumped?! Better yet, are you ready?

If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party this Sunday then you’re in the right place. Throwing a football themed party doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you’re a huge fan, spectator, or simply a guest, follow these 5 key steps to ensure yourself a “ball” this Sunday – minus any party-planning woes.

1) Food

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Super Bowl snacks rank right up there next to the game itself. For a more casual and festive event such as this, finger foods are the best way to go. For example, round up some pigs in a blanket, sliders, and guacamole. For added fun, create football themed foods like a “snackadium”, and football shaped moon pies or pizza pockets.

2) Drinks

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Since you’re serving up all these delicious foods, you’ve got to give guests something cool and refreshing to wash it all down with right? For an event like this, stock up on beer… plenty of it, with plenty of options. But also keep non-beer drinkers in mind. Be at the ready with a few non-beer-centric beverages. Wine, sodas, and cocktails should do the trick.

3) Games

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Pump guests up with fun Super Bowl games. We recommend a friendly wager. It can be as simple as having guests slip their votes into two different buckets (one for each team). At the end, grant the winners a fun door prize! For the more serious betters, try playing squares. It’s a more detailed and higher stakes version. Learn how to play here.

4) Decorations

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Decorate depending on your team pick! Deck everything out with the team’s colors for an extremely celebratory look. If you’re being more diplomatic, give nonpartisan decorations a shot. This can be done with Streamers, banners, and footballs and helmets strewn throughout the party.

5) Attire

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Be sure to dress to impress. Don your favorite team’s colors or jersey to show your support. But, similar to the decoration tip, if you’re remaining neutral, you can still join in on all the fashion fun. Just put on a festive referee outfit or tee. Guests will love your attention to detail and this will really clinch your “hostess with the mostess” stature!