3 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited for Back to School

Ahh, summer – that magical time of year when your kids are home ALL. THE. TIME.

You’re probably more than ready to get them back to school, even though they’d rather chill at home with you.

They may be dragging their feet, but we have three fun ideas that may help you amp up their enthusiasm for getting back to school. Try these family friendly end-of-summer activities on for size!

Get Organized with a ‘Pack Your Sack’ Party

Back to school time is the second biggest shopping season of the year, just after the winter holiday season.

The good news? Kids LOVE getting stuff, whether it’s for Christmas or for school.

Let them show off their stuff and get ready for school at the same time by hosting a backpack organizing party. You can get together with a bunch of other parents to go on an adults-only shopping trip beforehand, or have them bring their child over with supplies they’ve already purchased.

Pack Your Sack Party Ideas - Beau-coup.com
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Activities can include:

–       packing colored pencils and markers in their special cases

–       figuring out which backpack pocket will hold which supplies

–       decorating each backpack to make it as unique as the child wearing it

Show and Tell with a Summer Scrapbook

Speaking of getting crafty, have you considered putting together a summer scrapbook?

One of the best things about the first few days of school is catching up with buddies and gushing about the fun stuff you did over the summer.

You can get the kids into that show and tell mindset by helping them create a summer scrapbook, complete with pictures and little mementos from your summer activities.

Make a Summer Scrapbook for Back to School
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Have pressed flowers from a family camping trip? Put it in the book!

Get great pictures from that terrifying-but-awesome roller coaster ride? Put it in the book!

Your kids will love sharing their adventures with all their friends, and may even be able to use their book for show and tell time in class!

Let it All Out with a Last Hurrah Party

The kiddos may be getting anxious about going back to school. After all, they’re trading sleeping in and lazy summertime fun for getting up early and homework.

Not fun.

Our recommendation? Plan a party for your child and their closest friends so they get one last taste of summer freedom before they have to get back to the grind.

The idea is to take the best elements of summer and incorporate them into your party.

End of Summer Party Ideas: Last Hurrah Pool Party
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If they love staying up late and sleeping in late, have an all-night movie marathon sleep over!

If they can’t go a single day without getting in the water to cool down, throw a backyard pool party (or sprinkler party, if you don’t have a pool)!

If summer is all about doing special fun things they don’t get to do throughout the school year, get together with some other parents and take a group of kids to a local amusement park.

The options are limited only to your imagination!

What do you think of our ideas for getting kids excited about going back to school? Have a great idea of your own to share? Tell us what you think in the comments below, or click “Like” to get the conversation started on Facebook!