Milestone Wedding Anniversary Gift & Party Ideas

A wedding anniversary is a momentous occasion for you and your significant other. It serves as a reminder of that special day where you stood in front of your friends and family and made vows to one another. Rekindle the spark from that big day with a grand celebration on your anniversary, particularly if it’s a milestone anniversary!


(image credit: Oh What Love)

Popular milestone anniversaries include the 1st, 5th, 10th, 25th, and 50th, with each year having its own theme.


1st anniversary: Paper

For a paper theme, give your sweetie a journal, personalized stationery, or even love post-it notes! As long as it’s within the paper theme, it will be on point. If you’re hosting a party or dinner, a creative way to incorporate this theme would be to decorate with paper. Try draping paper cranes from entryways for a beautifully on-theme look!


5th anniversary: Wood

The 5th year is represented by wood. This theme allows you to get a little creative. For gifts, beautifully hand crafted wood furniture for the carpentry lover, or a bat signed by his favorite player would be fantastic wooden gifts. For party décor, try hosting in a lodge/cabin themed restaurant or bar! The wooden walls are perfectly on-theme!


10th anniversary: Aluminum or Tin

This theme may seem a little difficult at first but you’ll be surprised how fun this can be once you get going! For example, planes, trains and automobiles can be made from aluminum (see where we’re going here?). Suggesting a road trip or vacation abroad would be a fantastic way to celebrate this milestone anniversary.


25th anniversary: Silver

25 years together is a big accomplishment! Celebrate this silver themed anniversary with the gift of jewelry or engraved silver keepsakes. If you’re hosting a party, decorate with beautiful silver flat ware, tasteful silver candles, and a silver pen against black pages for guests to write well wishes.


50th anniversary: Gold

The theme for 50 is gold and it’s only appropriate that this precious metal represents 50 sweet years together. Gift giving is easy if you wanted to stick with gold jewelry. But you can get a little creative too. Maybe a beautiful gold framed picture from your wedding day instead? For party décor, this is the opportunity to go big. Think all gold everything. Golden dresses, gold streamers, gold centerpieces… just have fun with it!