16 Sweet Mocktails: Perfect For An Upcoming Sweet 16th Birthday Party

A young person’s 16th birthday is a fun and momentous occasion. Celebrate this fantastic rite of passage with stylishly delicious cocktails, minus the alcohol!

They’ll appreciate the grown-up looking drinks, and you’ll appreciate a tasty treat that’s surprisingly alcohol free.

1) Fruit Ice Cubes

(image credit: Pip & Ebby)

These fruit-filled ice cubes will make even a simple glass of water look like a tasty summer inspired cocktail!

2) Virgin Mojitos

(image credit: You Queen)

Delicious and oh-so-pretty.

3) Midsummer Mocktail

(image credit: Waitrose)

This faux cocktail known as a “Midsummer Mocktail” is perfect for a Shakespearean or period themed party.

4) Shots shots shots (of milk)!  

(image credit: NY Daily News)

Let these cookie + milk shots, created by the inventor of Cronut, inspire you for your Sweet 16 party.

5) Virgin Twisted Strawberry Colada

(image credit: Food)

Serve this tasty drink up in classic margarita glasses for a faux-tastic experience!

6) Atomic Cat Mimosas

(image credit: Rob Allen)

This virgin version of a mimosa is perfectly on-theme for a brunch or Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired theme.

7) Tiffany Punch

(image credit: Eat, Drink, Pretty)

Speaking of Breakfast at Tiffany’s… this Tiffany blue mocktail is the perfect drink of choice!

8) Watermelon Punch

(image credit: Martha Stewart)

This fun display and delicious recipe makes alcohol obsolete.

9) Chocolate Mocktini

(image credit: HGTV)

Because everything tastes better when served up in a martini glass.

10) Cherry Bomb

(image credit: Martha Stewart)

A 16 year old is too old for Shirley Temples, but too young for cocktails. The solution? This age appropriate recipe!

11) Strawberry Margaritas 

(image credit: Love To Know)

For a fiesta themed sweet 16, this virgin strawberry margarita is a must.

12) Fruit Sparkler

(image credit: Mccormick)

This tasty version is a take on the classic wine spritzer.

13) Cinnamon Hearts

(image credit: The Life Nostalgic)

Just because your baby is growing up, it doesn’t mean you have to completely forego childhood innocence. Serve up this tasty treat that’s still sweet yet sassy enough for a sweet 16.

14) Salted Caramel Ice Cream Shots

(image credit: Maryland Plastics)

I think the title says it all. This delicious treat is meant to be enjoyed by all at the party.

15) Strawberry Basil Lime

(image credit: Pinterest)

This is essentially the recipe for an ultra yummy smoothie, but pour into a fancy glass and garnish with a whimsical straw for an instant mocktail upgrade.

16) Virgin Bailey Shots

(image credit: Tarla Dalal)

Your young guests will feel extremely chic when taking “shots” of this mock bailey version.