Take that Wedding Dress and Trash It: A Photo Roundup

Planning a wedding can be a long, detail-intensive process. It’s no wonder that at the end of the big day, the newlyweds are ready to turn the page and start the next chapter of their lives.

Some couples are starting their new lives off in a big way, with a ceremonial trashing of the dress.

Yes, THE dress.

That perfect dress that cost so much and made the bride feel like a princess?

These couples are practically giddy about destroying it.

It sounds a little crazy, but we think it looks like a lot of fun! Check out some of our favorite photos to get a glimpse into this rising trend.

Some Couples Keep it Clean

Trashing the dress doesn’t always have to be about getting it dirty. Sometimes you can clean house (or truck, in this case!) together and get the same result.

Trash the Dress - Car Wash Theme
{ image credit : Skipping Stones Blog }

Or perhaps, forget being an adult for a day and get into a playful water fight?

Trash the Dress Photo Shoot - Fountain
{ image credit : Flick River }

Some Couples Prefer Playing Dirty 

By and large though, most couples get dirty. REALLY dirty. Like these fine folks:

Trash the Dress - Mud Wrestling Theme
{ image credit : Cafe Mom }

Or this cute couple who decided to lounge on the beach in their finest formal wear:

Trash the Dress - Beach Theme
{ image credit : Butter Media }

And some newlyweds get downright artistic, preferring to pelt each other with paints!

Trash the Dress - Paint Theme
{ image credit : Vo Photographers }

Or they indulge in their favorite adult beverages, and wearing those beverages to boot.

Trash the Dress - Winery Theme
{ image credit : Vermont Wine }

Yes, it’s messy. And yes, some may think it’s a little on the crazy side. After all, that’s one expensive dress they’re trashing!

But in the end (as with everything), it’s about doing something fun with the one you love.

Trash the Dress - Colored Powder Holi Theme
{ image credit : Kahwink Khronicles }

What do you think of this trend? Hot or not? Would you do it with your wedding dress? Tell us in the comments, or click “Like” to get the conversation started on Facebook!