DIY of the Day: Edible Mud Pie Pails

Are you looking for a cute favor for kiddos who love getting their hands dirty?

Look no further, because we’ve got a delicious little dessert that is sure to satisfy their sweet tooth: the infamous worm-filled mud pie pail!

DIY Favors from Beau-coup: Mud Pie Pail for Kids Birthday Party
Perfect for outdoorsy birthday parties, science or garden-themed kids’ events, or Halloween bashes, these delightful squirmy worms tucked into their mud pie are anything but disgusting.

It takes about two minutes per favor, making it super easy to put together an amazing-looking favor for each kid.

You’ll need:
DIY Favors from Beau-coup: Mud Pies for a Kids Birthday Party

– Miniature Favor Pails
– Pre-made Pudding Packets (chocolate flavored)
– Gummy Worms
– Oreo Cookies
– Spoon
– Napkins
– Cupcake Liners
– Personalized Favor Tags
– Ribbon
– Scissors

Step 1: Line favor pail with a cupcake liner of your choosing. Use the spoon to scoop pre-made pudding out of cups and into the liner.

DIY Favors from Beau-coup: Mud Pies Step 1

Step 2: Crush Oreo cookies and use them to cover the pudding fully, then insert a few creepy and colorful gummy worms into the pile of “dirt” you just made.

DIY Favors from Beau-coup: Mud Pie Pail Step 2

Step 3: Cut ribbon into 12″ lengths, add a gift tag, and tie it to the pail with a cute bow.

DIY Favors from Beau-coup: Mud Pie Pail Step 3

Don’t be afraid to get creative. You can experiment with different flavors of pudding, or even layer a couple different flavors for a surprise taste the kiddos are sure to love!

It may get dirty, but it’ll be DELICIOUS.

What do you think of this frighteningly fun favor? Would you try it out at your next birthday bash? Let us know what you think in the comments, or click “Like” to get the conversation started on Facebook!