11 Eco-Friendly Plant Favors for a Garden Wedding

We really love the idea of a romantic garden wedding – and eco-friendly favors such as potted plants are a great way to keep with the theme and thank your wedding guests with something that’s both pretty and practical. So we went ahead and rounded up 11 plant favors that are conveniently sized and beautiful, too. Whether your guests decide to add the plant to their garden or keep it in the provided pot, these plants are sure to brighten up their home, office, or anywhere else they decide to keep them. Take a look at our favorite plant favors for a wedding below, and be sure to take a look at our Greenery Guide as well which includes 20 of our favorite greens and how to use them in your wedding.


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Cactus’ are becoming very popular in the wedding world. Their bright colors and unique shapes make for a fun wedding favor.


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Provide potted daffodils for guests to take home to plant in their garden or yard. They’re simple, sweet, and add a fun pop of color.


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Herbs make a great choice as a wedding favor because not only are they pretty and fragrant, but edible, too.


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Bamboo is a strong plant with a unique look making it a really fun and unexpected wedding favor.


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Pine trees look beautiful in several environments and make attractive plantings for yards, gardens, and parks.


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Gifting seeds to wedding guests is a great alternative to a potted plant. Try packaging them in bags or tubes and don’t forget the pretty label or tag.


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Pansies have one of the widest ranges of colors, which makes it easy to coordinate with your wedding colors.


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Lavender not only produces a well-loved scent (commonly used in perfumes and sachets) – it’s also good for flavoring. So, your wedding guests get the best of both worlds.

Air Plants 

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Air plants are perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of experience with caring for plants. They’re easy to care for and can be styled in several unexpected ways. We especially like how they look in blown glass orbs.

Palm Fronds 

(image credit: Beau-coup)

Palm fronds are a popular choice for indoor growers – although they require regular watering, they need minimal fertilizer and minimal sunlight.


(image credit: Ruffledblog)

Succulents are very on trend right now and they are easy to gift to wedding guests given their small sizes. One of our favorite ways to gift succulents is in mini glass terrarium bowls.

Do you plan on using a plant as your wedding favor? Which one on our list is your favorite?

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