The Greenery Guide: 20 Of Our Favorite Greens & How To Use Them In Your Wedding

Greenery (sometimes known as foliage), can make a huge impact on the look and feel of your wedding. Depending on what greens you decide to use, it’s easy to create a setting that’s rustic, tropical, woodsy, or fresh, and above all naturally beautiful. There are so many ways incorporate greenery into your wedding and if you’re looking for some gorgeous ideas to do so, then you’re in luck! In honor of today being Earth Day, we’ve created a greenery guide with 20 of our favorite pretty greens and have also rounded up dozens of our favorite ways for you to use them in your wedding. So, take a peek at our favorites below and get inspired for your upcoming luscious green wedding!

Arches & Backdrops 

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Hair Pieces 

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Escort Cards 

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Table Accents 

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 On the Cake 

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What are some of your favorite greens? Do you plan on including them in your wedding?