The Baby Shower Alternative Guide: Gender Reveals, Sprinkles, and Sip & See’s

Baby showers aren’t the only way to celebrate your little one, and we have three, more casual baby shower alternatives for you to learn about! Whether you want to host an event to announce the gender of your baby, welcome your second (or third, or fourth) child, or gather your loved ones to meet your newborn for the first time, there’s a type of celebration for you. Check out our mini guide and tips below!

Gender Reveal:

  • A celebration with close family and friends to announce the gender of your baby.

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  • First things first, if you want to be surprised at your gender reveal party too, have your doctor write boy or girl on a piece of paper and stick it in an envelope for you. Give the envelope to the friend or family member who is planning the party for you.
  • If you are planning the party, keep in mind that a simple, neutral decor scheme is the way to go. Just add some touches of blue and pink!
  • To get your guests interacted, ask them to vote for what they think the sex of the baby is. This can be done by sticking votes in a jar, wearing a blue or pink necklace, and many other ways.
  • There are also a lot of fun ways to reveal the sex of the baby, such as having blue or pink balloons released from a box, blue or pink confetti coming out of a pinata, or a blue or pink surprise filling when guests bite into a cupcake.
  • For themes, try something like He or She?, What Will It Bee?, touches of It’s a Boy or It’s a Girl, or even just mixing and matching blue and pink decor.


  • A casual, more modest version of a traditional baby shower to celebrate mom’s second baby.

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  • Sprinkles are often shorter than traditional baby showers, lasting only a couple hours compared to an entire afternoon.
  • Usually, only close family and friends are invited and unlike traditional baby showers, males are welcome to attend.
  • When sending out invites for your sprinkle, it’s polite to not include a gift registry. If someone wants to get you a gift, they will, but gifts should not be expected.
  • If someone does ask about gifts, it’s polite to mention necessities such as diapers or wipes.
  • Keep the menu light – think snacks and appetizers.
  • The event itself does not need to be lavishly decorated. Minimal touches of color or a theme will do.
  • Feel free to go with any theme that you love! We especially love the idea of sprinkle inspired decor like in our Oh Baby collection.

Sip & See:

  • A sip & see is  a few hours carved out in the day for family and friends to stop by to meet the baby and enjoy light snacks and drinks. This is a fun event because the baby is already here and everyone has the chance to enjoy him or her. 

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  • Feel free to invite all of your closest family and friends. Let them know that they are welcome for the hours of your choosing so that they can stop by when works best for them.
  • Sip & sees tend to be very casual – minimal decorations and light snacks, appetizers, cocktails, and other drinks.
  • It’s polite to not ask for gifts, especially if you already had a baby shower. If someone wishes to bring a gift by, it’s polite to ask for necessities such as diapers.
  • Do feel free to ask guests to bring appetizers, but make it optional.
  • It’s probably best to host a sip & see once the baby is a few months old. That way you are more settled at home, have your baby in a routine and are not as stressed out.
  • Feel free to use any theme or decor style that you love! Two of our favorites for a Sip & See are Hello Handsome and Hello Gorgeous.

Do you plan on hosting one of these events? Did you find these tips helpful? Please feel free to leave any thoughts or questions below!