9 Fun Tabletop Icebreakers for Wedding Guests

We know that your wedding guests may have trouble interacting if they don’t already know one another very well — but there are plenty of fun ways to break the ice and get them smiling and engaged in no time! One of our favorite ideas is tabletop icebreakers, so today we’re here to share 9 of our favorites. Check out the list below to get inspired for your own wedding.


(image credit: Somethingturquoise)

Create your own version of Mad Libs for your guests to fill out and read together. They’ll be laughing in no time!

Advice Cards 

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Keep advice cards at the table for each guest to fill out and encourage them to read the advice out loud together. They’re bound to get a lot of laughs.

Board Games 

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Keep board games handy for your guests to play at the table. They’ll have so much fun getting a little competitive with one another.

How Well Do You Know The Bride & Groom? 

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Keep a timer on the table and see which of the guests at each table can fill out their “How Well Do You Know the Bride & Groom” sheet first. Whoever can finish the quickest and with the most correct answers, wins a small prize.

I Spy 

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Create a list of photos for your wedding guests to snap – such as someone laughing and the cake. Have guests at each table compete against each other to see who can check off all the photos from their list first.

Wedding Guest Bingo 

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For this activity, guests must interact with one another to find other guests with traits described on the wedding guest bingo sheet. It’s a fun way to get a little competitive and get talking with guests both at your table and at other tables.


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Keep a pile of scratchers at each table and have each guest choose a card. Have each guest play their scratcher at the same time to find the winners! Reward the winners at each table with a small prize. Having a little competition at the table is a great ice breaker!

Crossword Puzzles 

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Personalized crossword puzzles are a great way to get everyone at the table talking and thinking together.

Playing Cards 

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Keep personalized decks of cards on the tables for guests to play with. It’s such a simple and fun way to get guests interacting and decks of cards make great wedding favors too.

What icebreakers do you plan on using at your wedding? Can you think of any others that we should add to this list?