10 Ways to Share the Love with Your Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids have your back on your big day (and all the days leading up to it, for that matter!). To help you show her your love and appreciation, we came up with a list of our 10 favorite ideas for showing your bridesmaids how much you care.

bridesmaids preparing for the wedding

1.       Sneak in a Gab Fest

Even though she’s committed to being your bridesmaid, odds are she’s not in wedding mode 24/7. She has made room in her busy schedule to be there for you, so make sure you’re there for her every once in a while by calling to chat about her life – no wedding talk allowed!

2.       Send Her a Special Bouquet

We’re not talking about the flowers she’ll carry on the big day, but rather a special “thank you” bouquet just for her. Have an arrangement of her favorite flowers delivered to her office or home just because – it’s a great way to really show how much you appreciate her help.

3.       Throw a “Getting to Know You” Party

Your bridesmaids are your dream team, a gathering of your best friends and closest family members. And they’re all here for one reason – YOU! So if they haven’t all met before, it’s a great idea to throw a little meet-and-greet party. It will help foster a team spirit, and could introduce your friends to new friends!

4.       Write a Personal Note 

Taking a few extra minutes to write out a short thank you note on a pretty card can make a huge impact. Something about sitting down and writing out words by hand gives extra weight to kind words. Plus if she’s a card collector, she’ll have a special memento from your big day that was meant just for her.

5.       Pick the Perfect Present

It’s traditional to get a gift for your bridesmaids as a token of your gratitude. Why not get a little creative? Instead of buying something, try making something small and practical by hand. We love the idea of surprising her with a bottle of custom-blended nail polish she can wear whenever.

6.       Prepare Her for Anything

No matter how well prepared you are for your big day, some not-so-awesome things are bound to happen. Set her up for success by making her an emergency kit to help her cope with wedding day disasters. Some ideas for a super thoughtful kit:

  • -Travel-sized stain remover to clean up the inevitable mess.
  • -A small sewing kit and safety pins to hold it all together.
  • -Band-Aids and antibacterial ointment to cover up any accidents.
  • -Small lotions and hand sanitizers to keep her hands clean and soft.
  • -Headache meds and a small bottle of water for the bachelorette party hangover.
  • -A small energy bar to keep her going when she gets tired.
  • -A pair of comfy flip flops so that after a long day of making sure everything runs smoothly, she’ll get to enjoy dancing.

7.       Make Her a Snack Pack

Sometimes she gets so busy on the big day that she may forget to eat. Keep her well-nourished by packing a small lunch box with some nice (stain-free) nibbles along with some napkins and perhaps a small beverage. Think portable – things like crackers, dried fruits, nuts, chocolate, and mini sandwiches will work much better than something that needs to be refrigerated.

8.       Give Her the Heads Up

No one knows your new family better than you and your groom. If one of the groomsmen might make a perfect match for a single bridesmaid, there’s no better time to introduce them! You may just help her find her own perfect match so you can return the favor of being a bridesmaid.

9.       Take Her (Pro) Picture

Talk to your photographer about taking some extra portraits for her on your big day. After all, she looks amazing and has helped you out immensely – why not give her an extra-special reminder?


The simplest way to show you care is to thank her early and thank her often. For every request, every shopping trip, and every bridal meltdown, make sure you take two seconds to sincerely thank her for doing her best to help you out. You may even consider offering a heartfelt toast during the reception – after all, you couldn’t have done it without her!

What are your creative ideas for showing bridesmaids a little love? Share your thoughts in the comments!