4 Excuses to Host a Travel Themed Party

Travel is an amazing way to experience another region and culture, but what happens when you want to share the fun with all your loved ones but can’t bring them with you? You plan a travel-themed party!

Try these ideas out the next time the travel bug hits you hard:

Destination Wedding Bridal Shower

If you or someone you know is getting married, a travel theme is the perfect way to celebrate. Whether the bride and groom are traveling to a far-off place to tie the knot or they’ve selected a special foreign land for their honeymoon, you can bring those exciting travel elements a little closer to home by using the destination as a starting point for your planning. For instance, a honeymoon to Hawaii could be the inspiration for a luau-style feast complete with bare feet, leis, and colorful floral-print clothing.

host a hawaiian luau themed bridal shower

Retirement Party

Why wish someone well with a teary goodbye when everyone can enjoy a travel-themed before the retiree takes off? Often the retiree knows what they want to do with their upcoming free time, so plan a party around it. Are they traveling around the country in an RV? Rent a party bus and say farewell in style! Are they planning to take a celebratory cruise before returning to a life of leisure? Wish them “bon voyage” with a nautical party complete with Bermuda shorts, buffet-style food, and a photo booth so they can take silly touristy pictures.

travel themed retirement party

Graduation or Farewell Party

Graduation means moving bigger and better things, whether it’s taking a new job in another state or taking some time off to backpack across Europe. Before your grad moves on to the next step in his or her life, celebrate with a travel-themed going away party based on their next destination! If they’re relocating to another state, put together a party that celebrates that region. Use the local landmarks, regional cuisine, or pro sports teams to inspire your party planning. If backpacking is the goal, have a get-together that helps your grad collect all the travel necessities he or she needs for a successful (and safe) adventure.

Your Passport to Party

And finally, sometimes you need to throw a party for no reason other than to have fun. Host a travel-themed party and get inspired by the joy travelers experience when they get their passport stamped. A passport to party theme is the perfect excuse to have the adventure in your own back yard for a fraction of the cost of international travel. Have a bunch of keepsake passports printed up for guests to take home as souvenirs, then dream up some fun activities that will allow them to add brag-worthy stamps to their party passports. Some options include a local scavenger hunt, an eating competition, or a secret recipe cook-off.

party passport with stamps

What other creative uses have you found for a travel theme? Share your party ideas, tips, and tricks in the comments!