Get Wet and Wild with Fun Outdoor Water Games!

When the temperatures start rising, there’s nothing we love more than getting out and playing in the water to keep cool. You could play “Marco Polo” in the pool or toss around some water balloons, but we think you’ll be amazed how much fun you can have if you try these games next time you really want to get in the water.

summer water activities and water game ideas for kids

Super Soaker Sponge Tag – Fill a container with water, then throw in a large sponge like the ones used for washing cars. First, designate someone as “It”, then invite them to grab the sponge and try to tag someone else by tossing it at them. If a player is hit by the sponge, they are “It”!

Squirt Gun Face Off – For this game you’ll need twohigh-powered water pistols, preferably the same model. Have two players stand back to back, and then take 10 steps apart. On the count of three, each player turns and fires! The winner is the person who is less soaked.

Beach Ball Race – Set up a couple of relay lanes with a start line and finish line. Place two beach balls at the starting line and arm each player with a squirt gun. Players must move the ball across the finish line by shooting it with the squirt gun. Play this game one on one, or make it a relay by having another player on the team fill in when one player’s squirt gun is empty. First ball to cross the finish line wins!

Icy Building Blocks – When it gets super-hot, ice is the perfect way to cool down. Ice cubes will melt a little bit when you sprinkle salt on the top. Then, you can two slightly melted ice cubes together and they will freeze together to form an ice cube block! Set up a building block station with plenty of ice cubes and salt and encourage everyone to build the best structure!

Sponge Relay Races – Fill two buckets with the exact same amount of water. Form two teams and give each team a big car-wash sponge. At the start of the race, the first person on each team soaks up as much water as she can in the sponge and carries it to another bucket, squeezes out the water and runs back to hand the sponge to the next person on her team, who repeats the process.

Water Pinata – For a fun twist on the fun piñata party tradition, fill water balloons and hang them from someplace high (and away from anything breakable!). Remember, the water balloons will be heavy once they are filled, so use a sturdy string or twine to hold them in place. Then arm each player with a stick or bat and have them take turns swinging at the balloons while blindfolded. Eventually, someone will make contact and get soaked! Rinse and repeat until everyone’s drenched and laughing.

What fun water games have you played when it gets hot outside? Share your stories in the comments!