Wedding Planning Do’s & Don’ts For a Stress-Free Nuptial


Wedding planning can be stressful, tiring, and all consuming – if you let it. Well, here’s some good advice, DON’T let it! We know, we know… easier said than done.

If only there was a helpful list of wedding planning do’s and don’ts to help you avoid last minute stresses.

Well what do we have here? Just that, an easy, succinct, and helpful list to help you celebrate your special day in stress-free glory.



– Plan for you and you alone. Well ok… include the fiancé, but that’s it! It’s your special day and you deserve to celebrate the exact way that you’ve always wanted to.

– Have a destination wedding if you’re trying to cut the invite list. Those that matter will find a way to be there for your big day.

– Make a killer playlist. Whether you’re hiring a DJ, having a live band, or a having an iPhone playlist, create a dance-tastic playlist of songs that will guarantee a jammed dance floor.

– Supply good food and drinks. Friends and family may be travelling far and wide just for this event. Treat them well with happy tummies.

– Have a dress rehearsal. Pull the entire look together beforehand if possible to see the final look. What if your desired smoky eye doesn’t suit your Boho style dress? You don’t want to wait till game day to find this out.

– Include the bridal party in the bridesmaid dress selection process. They’re the ones that are going to end up wearing them, so give them a voice.

– Choose a photographer that you’re absolutely in love with. Be sure you love his/her portfolio, shoot style, and communication skills before committing.



– Feel pressured to invite anyone that you honestly wouldn’t enjoy having there. It’s your party and you can invite whomever you want to.

– Be a bridezilla. Because it IS your special day, you wouldn’t want to feel stressed, disappointed, and overwhelmed would you? Here’s a secret, your bridesmaids don’t want to feel that way either. So chill out on the bridezilla demands. Everyone will appreciate it.

– Go (way) over budget. Your budget is there for a reason, respect it.

– Get any major cosmetic enhancements done right before the wedding. This includes haircuts, chemical peels, injections, etc. This isn’t the time to be trying a new procedure that you have zero previous experience with.

– Crash diet. Understandably you’d want to look ah-mazing for your wedding day, but do it right and do it slowly. Crash dieting leads to crabby attitudes and long-term metabolic issues.

– Get drunk. You’ll likely be toasting all day and all night long. Be mindful of your alcohol intake – especially if you plan on making it to your wedding night!

– Don’t get bogged down by “rules” or traditions. So what if you can’t find anything borrowed or blue? It’s not a big deal and it won’t affect your special day in the least.