Get These Top 10 Songs For Your Top 10 Wedding Moments

Brides tend to agonize over the reception music. How many fast songs? Slow songs? To do or not to do the chicken dance?

While these are valid musical agonies, we suggest you not lose sight of the other important moments of your wedding. In particular, 10 other important wedding moments where the perfect music selection will magically transport you and your guests towards a beautiful wedding experience.

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Get these top 10 songs now to enhance these top 10 wedding moments.


1) Prelude:

“Going To The Chapel Of Love” – The Dixie Cups

The prelude is the music played while guests gather for the ceremony. It signals to guests that the ceremony is about to begin – usually 15-30 minutes in length. Take this opportunity to play something welcoming, light, and, with this song by The Dixie Cups… quite literal.

Fun trivia: This week marks the fiftieth anniversary for this song. Back in 1964, “Chapel of Love” was a chart-topping hit. It was so successful, it even displaced the reigning champs of the Billboards, The Beatles!


2) Processional

“Air” (from Water Music Suite) – George F. Handel

This song is great for the portion of the ceremony where family members and the bridal party formally enters. We love this song as it is beautiful and heartwarming and it sets the tone perfectly with its elegant and romantic composition.


3) Bride Entrance

“Canon in D Major” – Johann Pachelbel

There’s a reason that classics are classic. They sound gorgeous and evoke just the right emotion. But if you’re a non-traditionalist, we recommend this guitar version performed by Per-Olov Kindgren . It’s a bit more relaxed without losing any of its original beauty, perfect for your grand entrance.


4) Recessional

“Marry You” – Bruno Mars

It’s time to celebrate and we think this fun and upbeat Bruno Mars song is the perfect choice for the formal exit of the bridal party. It’s an excellent segue to transition guests from the formal ceremony to the celebratory reception.


5) Postlude

“One Fine Day” – The Chiffons

It sure is a fine day, for you and your guests! Play this heartwarming song by The Chiffons as guests leave the ceremony area and head towards the cocktail hour/reception.


6) Reception Entrance

“Signed, Sealed, Delivered” – Stevie Wonder

This Stevie Wonder song is an excellent choice for your official entrance as Mr. & Mrs. It’s supremely celebratory and lyrically apropos!


7) First Dance

“At Last” – Etta James

Obviously, if you have a song that’s personal to you both, by all means go with that selection. But if you’re open to suggestions, might we suggest this powerfully sweet, timeless, and romantic option?


8) Parent Dance

“Somewhere Over The Rainbow” – Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole

When compared to the original version, this laid back cover is lighter and more festive. It has a natural innocence to it and will serve well for either the father/daughter or the mother/son dance.


9) Bouquet Toss

“Wishin’ and Hopin’” – Ani DiFranco

Keep the bouquet toss fun and whimsical with a flirty classic like this song from Ani DiFranco.


10) Cake Cutting Ceremony

“How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” – Marvin Gaye

The best part of getting married? The delicious wedding cake! Celebrate the sweetest part of the evening with the sweet stylings of Mr. Marvin Gaye.